Newly Added Flavors:

Loopty Fruits -  Leave the bowl and spoon at home and vape your favorite fruity cereal all day long.

1986 Juice Box-  An orange punch flavor that brings you back to your favorite childhood juicebox!

Cereal Killer- A delicious berry breakfast cereal.

Strawberry Danish- Like a fresh baked strawberry danish on a misty Saturday morning.

Vapor Envyebay

 Here at Vapor Envy we take pride in offering our customer's a 100%VG based e-liquid line available in Bulk Sizes, starting at 120ml. We believe that by allowing our customer's the ability to purchase more e-liquid at one time, they end up saving  time, money, and frustration from constantly running out of juice and having to buy multiple bottles. The Vapor Envy Line is a premium 100%VG based e-liquid, manufactured inside of a state of the art laboratory facility, in California, USA.

Vapor Envy

Vapor Envy Bulk E-Liquid

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Flavor Spotlight:

Juicy Peach- Extra sweet and flavorful peach.

This is one of my personal favorites and a great all day vape that I never grow tried of. Juicy Peach is a light refreshing fruit flavor that is smooth without a strong perfume taste that some fruit flavor can have.